Mark Jones basketball training

Individual or Team Training

Mark Jones will work with your team or group teaching fun offensive and defensive skills, techniques, and drills in a team atmosphere. Mark will also act as a consultant to your coaching staff to help take your team to higher levels. Mark has a wealth of basketball knowledge from many years as a NCAA division I and professional basketball player. 

Have training sessions customized for your team that will launch your team to the next level. All team sessions will be conducted by Mark Jones. Mark's team training sessions will teach fundamentals and offensive and defensive skills that will improve your team. 

Mark teaches techniques that he learned as a professional that will give your team an advantage. These are techniques the pros use. 

Mark will help teach and break down offensive and defensive schemes, and answer any questions you may have as a coach. Mark's goal is to help your team win your league's championship. Your team will instantly know that they are learning from a pro, and should expect to see dramatic improvements within a few team sessions.


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Mark Jones Basketball Training